How to set up your Untold mentor account for mentoring sessions

Here are the steps for setting up your Untold mentor account so that you can start providing mentoring services on the platform!

Step 0: Make sure your mentor account is approved and is active.

If you are unsure, log in and head over to your “Edit Profile” page. Scroll down to “Mentor Account” and you should see the “approved” checkbox on the right if your mentor account has been approved. (If it says “pending” or “unapproved”, you need to first fill out your mentor profile and submit, then wait until the admins approve your account.)

You should set the toggle button on the left as “active” to have your mentor profile visible to users.

This is what you should be seeing if you set up your mentor account correctly.

Step 1: Head over to “Mentor Options” page and set your target hours

On the top, you will see the options for target total hours & live hours.

Untold will limit the incoming session requests based on your availability settings. Target total hours refer to the total number of hours you would like to spend on Untold’s mentoring services in a week. Target live hours refer to the number of hours you would like to spend on live mentoring sessions which include coffee chat & mock interview.

Step 2: Set up your “live hours”

For live sessions, we need to find a time that works for both you and your mentees. Thus, you need to set your “live hours” — time slots indicating when you will be online and available on Untold. Mentees can only sign up for these slots if they request mentoring services.

Mentors can only sign up for these time slots for live mentoring sessions.

Step 3: Select the types of mentoring services you would like to provide!

Once you have your availability set up, select the mentoring services you are willing to provide, and save the changes!

If you completed all these steps, you will be able to see the mentoring services you are providing on your profile page.

You will see these options below your profile once you have them set up!

And, that’s it! Feel free to email if you have any trouble or issues while setting up your account :)

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